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Decorative Night Lights – Collecting Ideas

August 18, 2022
By admin
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Finding the right night light is easy and can be also very interesting. The market offers a huge variety of night lights, some of which are really beautiful and can turn into collectibles. In fact there are many enthusiasts who started collecting decorative night lights specializing into a very specific type, material or theme.

Probably the first time some people come across a decorative night light is when preparing the nursery for a baby to come. Preparing the room for a baby is a wonderful experience and everything must be chosen carefully. Light is very important in a baby room and night light is essential to avoid night fears and to let you check your baby without turning the main light on. Nursery night lights come in delicate colors and in a great variety, with different features. Some have spinning lights, some others have changing colors; a typical nursery night light can play a soothing lullaby or sounds of nature (as of seagulls, beaches, mild wind or rain forest) to encourage sleep. There are also CD players with night light to play your choice of music and nursery night lights which project images on the ceiling.

If you are looking for a decorative night light for your kids room, you will find very colorful items with their favorite cartoon or movie character. For girls pink and purple are a “must” and favorites are Tinkerbell and Disney Princesses, besides angels and fairies and new characters as Cheetah Girls or High School Musical. Boys usually prefer strong colors and their favorite friends are Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, Spiderman, Sponge Bob and Scooby Doo. An unisex choice is Mickey Mouse with Minnie and Winnie the Pooh or a always appreciated bubble night light. The night lights for children will prevent them from suffering with fear of the dark while being really decorative.

But you also need decorative night lights for other rooms. Some are really delicate and precious and surely add glamor to your home. If you are a stained glass enthusiast, you will find a huge variety of night lights: Tiffany style is the most common choice, but some of these night lights have a modern look and some others are one-of-a-kind, unique pieces for the most exigent collectors.

Fine porcelain and china night lights look very delicate and are a great choice both for decorative night light collectors and for people who loves precious items. They come in many shapes and styles but among favorites are those made as cups or as teapots (those by Royal Albert are really exquisite), or as angel and lady figurines.

Other decorative night lights really appreciated by collectors are those with a primitive look, especially made out of punched metal, for all those who love the rustic and colonial folk art. Very popular are also those made by glass or crystal beside antique and vintage decorative night lights.

Among those with practical utility other than the light itself, let me mention few which are really very useful: air freshener night lights, with motion sensor (some of which have also a sound alarm and can be used outdoor to protect the house from intruders), with light sensors which automatically turn on at dark and with a clip to be used with a laptop or a book. Last but not least, a very useful night light is that with ultrasonic pest control, excellent for people suffering from frequent mosquito bites.

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