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POE Best 3.19 League Start Builds – Best Lake Of Kalandra Build In Path of Exile

September 17, 2022
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Builds for characters are typically included in games that contain even a trace amount of role-playing game mechanics. Builds that players create and that are intended to be followed by other players take into account every aspect of the game, including the progression of their characters’ stats, skills, and equipment. Some people might find this strange because it takes away the sense of discovery and wonder, but in games like Path of Exile, nothing is more disheartening than realizing 20 hours into the game that your build is just terrible. Because of this, the majority of players recommend following a build, even if only loosely at first, and progressing from there. In preparation for the upcoming patch, we are going to walk you through some League Start Builds here in this guide.

Lake of Kalandra | League Start Builds – Pre-Patch Notes for Version 3.19 of Path of Exile

What exactly is meant by “league start builds”? Consider each League in Path of Exile to be a chapter in a book. Each League contains a substantial portion of the game’s narrative and gameplay. Although buy PoE Orbs are still able to remember the previous chapter when you begin a new one, the book itself has changed, and you no longer have the clothes you were wearing. Let me explain.

At the beginning of a new League, your character will automatically be moved to that League; however, you will need to create a new character for use in that League. You have maintained all of your map progression, items in your stash, and gear, as well as any items acquired through microtransactions. Character builds that are designed to be played at the beginning of a new league with a minimum amount of investment are referred to as “league start builds.”Let’s get started now that you are familiar with what they are.

A word of caution regarding these builds: Path of Exile builds can be very complicated; have you checked out the game’s skill tree? If I were to go into detail with each individual build, then this article would have to be turned into a book. You will be linked to the appropriate build page or documentation for the builds so that you can follow it yourself. This is to keep things as simple as possible.

Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist

The Explosive Arrow Elementalist is a great build that requires very little initial investment on the player’s part. It has a slow movement speed, but it can easily eliminate large groups of enemies and can deal with bosses quite easily using the ballista. The only downside is that it can’t map very far. If you are getting close to a month in the game while using this build, then it is strongly recommended that poe item switches to a different one at that point. The main issue with this build is that it does not scale well on the late game.

Berserker’s Blade Flurry and General’s Cry Berserker

The Blade Flurry/General’s Cry Berserker build is fantastic for simply melting bosses and should be used whenever possible. Because it relies on Mirage Warriors to deal the majority of the damage and clear the area, this is not a melee build in the traditional sense, and you shouldn’t play it that way either. The issue with warriors is that they are not particularly effective at killing groups of enemies on a consistent basis because it is unpredictable what they will attack, which results in a slower rate of progress toward the objective. Bear in mind, too, that the structure itself is quite malleable.

Inquisitor of the Righteous Fire

The Righteous Fire Inquisitor build is not only a well-made build but also a build that has a lot of detailed documentation. A significant portion of the community adores it due to how wonderful it is and how user-friendly the build can become for novices. It has a high capacity for survival, is excellent at clearing maps and bossing, and the only drawback it has in comparison to the other builds on this list is the investment that you need to make.

Bane Occultist

The Bane Occultist build places an emphasis on excellent mapping and doing a good job of clearing out enemies in groups using its bane. This is the optimal build for Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Starter Builds if POE Best Maps To Shape want to clear maps as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that despite its passable performance against bosses, it is still vulnerable in some situations. The fact that it scales so poorly in later maps is the most significant drawback of this build.

Saboteur of the Seismic Trap

Recently, a number of players have found that the Seismic Trap Saboteur is an excellent choice for their build. The seismic trap skill in and of itself is very useful for mapping, as it can quickly and easily eliminate groups of enemies. However, where the build really shines is in its ability to boss better than any other build on the list. It will drop multiple traps on the location where the boss will spawn, but the boss will simply destroy them. The build also has excellent scaling, and it is the kind of build that you will frequently bring with poe items when you play on higher-tier maps.

Occultist and Pathfinder Specializing in Poisonous Concoctions

If the previous build was the best one for killing bosses, then this one is the best one for mapping in the list. The Poisonous Concoction Occultist/Pathfinder build is an excellent build for mapping because it makes use of area-of-effect poisons and the plague bearer to make short work of large groups of enemies. Combat against bosses has potential to be improved with this build. Because of the Occultist’s potential vulnerability, the Pathfinder is the better choice if you prioritize survivability. The fact that this construction project requires a very modest financial outlay is one of its many appealing features.

Lightning StrikeBerserker/Champion/Raider

There are a variety of different stat combinations that can be used for the Lightning Strike build, including Berserker, Champion, and Raider. However, due to its increased survivability, the Champion would be the one with the slowest mapping speed, while the Raider would have the fastest mapping speed. The fact that this build can scale well into later maps is easily the most impressive aspect of it. If you only want to use one build from the beginning of the game until it’s over, this is the one  should go for. The primary issue is that increasing your level requires a significant financial commitment in order to progress to higher tiers.

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